Shari DeLorian / Alice Bachmann – INESSERE (Live at Avantgardening 2020)


Shari DeLorian / Alice Bachmann

“INESSERE (Live at Avantgardening 2020)”

April 2020.

The multidisciplinary platform Avantgardening commissioned to sound artist Shari DeLorian a music project to be performed at the first online edition of the festival. This become soon an a/v project in collaboration with French video artist Alice Bachmann.

This is the recording of the performance, called INESSERE, which has been performed on 19th April 2020.

Inessere is an audio/visual portrait of a place created by human beings, a place where you can’t and can be at the same time: a paradox of absence and presence. A world on a human scale, but deprived of its humanity; the spacial acoustics as the proof of its absence.


Shari DeLorian: music

Alice Bachmann: video


Racconto sonoro di un luogo creato dall’essere umano, in cui non può esserci ma allo stesso tempo c’è, in un paradosso di presenza/assenza. Un mondo a scala umana ma privato della sua umanità, l’acustica spaziale come fredda testimonianza della sua assenza.

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