Francisco Pinto – Distancia Social

Francisco Pinto – Distancia Social

Francisco Pinto

“Distancia Social”

Times are complicated for music, and even more so for club music. The sound that was created to congregate suddenly no longer congregates, because it is not possible. Although it was nature that locked us in our houses to remind us of our position on the planet, it is also natural to respond to the sound stimulus with the inclination to moveand meet us. It is neurobiology, motor system.

Today, I would lose faith if in this suspended relationship with the community and the state of pause, where we see the days go by from a window, it does not generate the impact to create, incubate new ideas and evolve in our way of living, thinking, generating changes. This is a particular moment: it is an opportunity.

In this context, the new release of the Chilean producer Francisco Pinto, “Distancia Social” (“Social Distance”), is timely and according to the moment in which we live, where it is necessary to explore creative possibilities in the midst of a global pandemic, a brand before and after the “normal”, and in the way how we relate.

This album is part of the House style, this “meta” genre that encompasses sounds from different periods that are reflected in a different format: five original songs and six remixes. Recorded entirely with hardware, (NordLead 2x, Waldorf MicroQ, Orbit 9090 V2, Roland System1m modules, a Jomox XBase 09 drum machine, and a Toraiz sampler sequencer), “Crystal” is the track chosen to open this tour where the beat is stable, and the melodies circulate naturally. Break moment is “Oráculo”, with a more introspective tone.

“Crystal” is also the track remixed by F600, Fernanda Arrau, Marciano, Vigliensoni and Android, which give a new dimension to this LP, nourishing it with new visions. Special mention for the interpretation with broken beats, by Gemelo Malvado.

“Distancia Social” perhaps comes to remind us of that space that we gave for granted, and that has the value to provide us with a sense of security, connection and synchrony with our community. We will delay, but we will recover it because it belongs to us.

Pía Sotomayor
DJ, Productora / DJ, Producer.
(Santiago, Chile, junio / June 2020)

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