Valance Drakes – Not Taking This Gratitude For Granted

Valance Drakes

“Not Taking This Gratitude For Granted”

This EP was entirely written and recorded in the cable kingdom of bleeps and bloops in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria during their tradition of Martenitsa. While Ivan Shopov was working on his project Kanatitsa with Avigeya, Valance Drakes was into a rookie year for Amek, working on the collab LP with Ivan and working on his debut album for the label (An Angel In Alliance With Falsehood).

“Much love goes out to my brother Ivan Shopov for the art piece, mastering and doing a remix for the project” – Valance Drakes
released June 30, 2020

Original tracks by Valance Drakes
Artwork by Ivan Shopov
Mastering by Ivan Shopov

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