Gurdonark and Lee Rosevere – Harmony

Gurdonark and Lee Rosevere – Harmony

Gurdonark and Lee Rosevere


This project began over 2 years ago, when Gurdonark posted a tweet to MrDoob’s online art-site Harmony, and I suggested we each draw four pictures, and then other had to compose a piece of music to match the drawings.

Through many delays (including a cross-country move for myself) the drawings and songs were completed and you can see each drawing by clicking on the title of the song. If the music is by Gurdonark, the corresponding drawing is by Lee, and vise versa.

“Although I resist the impulse to believe that all instrumental music should trace back to a narrative or image in the way of a tone poem, I find my own music frequently arises from a feeling or a tells a kind of story. I liked that in these songs the two artists each created a single-image narrative, however simple and unadorned, and then used one another’s images to create new songs. A bit like a shape-note singing, the important thing was not the skill or lack of skill in the creation of the images or the music. The important thing, in image or song, was to participate and share..”

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released June 30, 2020

More about Gurdonark:

Special thanks to MrDoob for his Harmony art project that spawned this album

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