Studio 112 – Adorateurs Du Culte Extraterrestre


Studio 112

“Adorateurs Du Culte Extraterrestre”

The necrophile hummingbird & Hamfuggi Records present the third issue of Studio112 wonderful “Alien Trilogy”.
Welcome back far before the 4th Dimension, in the retro future world of Astounding Stories of Super-Science… Adjust the mirrored sun glasses, adjust the seat and fasten the seat belt, the end of this race promises to be an exhilarating ride !

Studio112 is the main project of Alain Grille also electric guitarist and musicmaker in Multiple Personality 3 / PIRATE Tapes / EVA Vertigo / TKno BeurK / MK-Ultra

The two previous issues are here

Download in Flac and Wav format here :

Artwork by Alain Grille

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