mGee – Remixes, Volume 1

mGee – Remixes, Volume 1


“Remixes, Volume 1”

So, you may or may not know that not only do I (Mike Gregoire, founding owner) run this label, but I also dip my toe in music-making as mGee, whenever I have free time. So, it’s no surprise that I rarely release music, since I rarely have extra time. That’s too bad, because I love making it. Four years after my last release, I finally decided to make time for it. I recently heard an old remix and thought that it could use a few tweaks and a remaster. That lead to deciding to revisit a few remixes and releasing them together as Remixes, Volume 1 to help celebrate Netlabel Day. So here we are. I hope you discover or rediscover these songs and perhaps revisit each artist’s releases, too! Included are remixed songs by BADLUCK, Cheese N Pot-C, Garmisch, The Honorable Sleaze & Liam Stewart. All incredible artists that deserve to be heard beyond the remixes. As the name suggests, expect another volume sometime in the future.

Thank you so much to all artists that have allowed folks to remix their tunes! R.I.P Sleaze.

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