Asylum Connection – Grey Worlds Fill Empty Words

Asylum Connection – Grey Worlds Fill Empty Words

Asylum Connection

“Grey Worlds Fill Empty Words”

“Everything you feel is a part of me, I have carefully hidden or crushed it for so many years. She always came back to me, and I fought her to the point that I hurt myself trying to disavow her. This project was born when I broke that vicious circle. That day, with shame I shred that taboo I had for noise and for the most violent and uncompromising instincts of myself. This sound has always been inside me.
I mainly used contact microphones, objects, guitar pedals, but I try not to set any limits to what I do. I want to thank for the patience/trust/support my wife, Nicola and Omar, Teresa, Federico & Adonai, RecycledFab and Mai12 for the inspiration.

Asylum Connection is:

“A long time to fight the self-destructive spirit. And then one day I put myself aside and I left him free, free to express himself, to move objects, to bring sounds where he wanted. Not me against myself, but me together with the most intolerant part of my spirit. Together we create these sounds and visions.”


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Artwork by:

Akis Karanos

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