Various Artist – Quintessence

Various Artist – Quintessence

Various Artist


In July 2015 a new electronic music label was born in Brazil. Amidst the rise of many new talents in need of space to show their work, Tropical Twista Records started with the idea to give voice to these brilliant artists, from Brazil and the rest of the world.

Five years later, the label stays true to the mission of releasing new and interesting people, spotlighting Brazilian and South American artists. Beyond that, TTR feeds the underground electronic music scene, encouraging and sharing its music in a broad and accessible way.

“Quintessence” is the closure of this first 5 year cycle: we gathered all elements of the previous years to give birth to a new energy, expansive, dynamic, long lasting and capable of creating new ideas, breaking paradigms every time.

We brought together these 15 artists in this compilation to once again solidify our intention and our commitment with the underground electronic music, experimental and avant-garde, Tropical Twista’s trademark.

Compiled by Palmer and Felipe MD

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