Oss – Ola de Cristal Mixtape

Oss – Ola de Cristal Mixtape


“Ola de Cristal Mixtape”

That imagery of flags fluttering in the wind as a sign of resistance and fight, takes real strength when you remain. The slogan is beautiful for an experimental and underground music label in Chile, but when it is done by publishing more than 160 titles from all over the world and during 15 years without interruption, I take a breath and shout: bravo!

A collage made with fragments taken from PN100 onwards to which are added recurring waves of masters Asuar, Becerra-Schmidt and Schumacher. A unique live take trying to represent the diverse and mixed ethos, but essentially the free spirit of this Pueblo Nuevo.

This no longer stops. Soon the silver wave and, afterwards, the golden wave.

Osvaldo Sotomayor aka Oss
(Santiago, Chile. Agosto / August 2020)

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