s-u-nDOWN – No name Vol.0

s-u-nDOWN – No name Vol.0


“No name Vol.0”

The album “No name Vol.0” reflects the experience of the break and the time lost. The first title of the album was Muse.
The album “No name Vol.0” was written almost 5 years ago, under the pseudonym Nick tre [Kory] di, and since then it has been gathering dust on the “shelves of the hard disk”. The record did not reach a wide audience and the only possible listener was the person who was the closest, at that time, to the author. Over the years, the album “breathed” fresh air and became the starting point of the project – “s-u-nDоWN”. the album got the name “No name Vol .0”, so it is the ending point of the first project and the starting point of a new project.
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