Rene Roco – Música para el caos

Rene Roco – Música para el caos

Rene Roco

“Música para el caos”

René Roco‘s new EP, his first Pueblo Nuevo solo release, suggests wandering along diverse soundscapes, not closely connected to their titles “Luna Nueva”, “Creciente”, “Luna Llena” and “Menguante” (New, Crescent, Full, and Quarter Moon). Talking to the composer, he states that the moon concept here is more related to thoughts and feelings evoked by it; cycles, nostalgia, magic are some of the notions shared in these compositions.

Sounds ranging from digitalia to Nature samples mingle into shades, painting melodies dynamic range, in counterpoint with hopeful harps, birds calm, and an atonal mystery, all of them finding their place along the narrative.

Although “Música para el caos” (Music for Chaos) is one of René’s quietest works, we’re still able to find his characteristic sounds, this time adding a live-played Casio CTK 571 keyboard on every track, recording, mixing, and mastering them at his studio.

(Santiago, Chile. Septiembre / September 2020)

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