Hzk – New Order World

Hzk – New Order World


“New Order World”

For those who do not know Hzk this is the right record to click on play.

Impossible to hear him quietly! Noise where our electrical brain waves are automatically connected with New Order World. Yes, that’s what we see if we keep our attention high.

A New Order World by the hands of Hzk. The shuffled senses, the sense of reordering space and time. Sometimes you go up, sometimes you go down the stairs of your troubled mind.

Directly from Japan to MiMi Records a record that moves our guts. We could tell you to sit down and let you travel between beautiful landscapes, but we would be lying. Sit down and travel underground, your heavier self, the confusions of your mind and let Hzk rearrange you! Start at the surface and let yourself go down to the underworld.

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