Konejo – Snapping Back In

Konejo – Snapping Back In


“Snapping Back In”

The Necrophile Hummingbird presents : a dream.
This album is such a joy because there has been no sampling album release on the netlabel since Size to Seizure 3 years ago. Mostly because the analogic side is growing out of control… and perhaps because turntablism is more fitting to that. Beyond the necessary struggle to an equal access to sample for everyone doing free music releases and not only the artists signed with major record companies, coming first is the right to use anything released in the public sphere as a right to answer with plunderphonics. The sampling art is more related to cut-up techniques and philosophy. It’s a way to re-interprete one’s reality. The same way that dreams are remixes of our waking lives. Perhaps this Snapping Back In is more a kind of art therapy to exorcise a nightmare. Whatever…

Here is Konejo presentation :

Recorded at home between June 11th and August 17th, 2020. About 150 sample sources were used in the making on this album (most of them from beloved movies from the 60s/70s), plus some cheap online apps and a Maschine MK2 for live beats and basslines. I hope you’ll find your own meaning in this deeply personal and haunted copied/pasted storytelling so it’ll have been worth the stealing.

Same as every previous release, this was already kind of a tribute to Ennio Morricone before the Maestro passed away. “Snapping Back In” is dedicated to him, like most music from the 21th century should be. RIP.

Artwork by B-Maltais & Konejo (first EP together coming soon).

Kindly and brilliantly mastered by Anatoly ‘Tokee’ Grinberg

Thanks to La Loupe Satanique for unknowingly helping me get my hand on most of the sampled sources.

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