Irmão Victor – Cronópio?

Irmão Victor – Cronópio?

Irmão Victor


It’s a sad day for Caveiras and Arabia Saudade: no more the best Portuguese speakers in the lepers produtcions roster. Let’s enjoy one of the early works of Irmão Victor when it was not the star of today.

“I recorded Cronópio? during the year of 2017. It was when I decided to leave university in the city of Porto Alegre and to move to the Island of Florianópolis, to focus on my compositions and recordings. The álbum is in some way about the doubts I had in that time about my live and career choices. I recorded It while moving all the time. It was recorded in Passo Fundo – my hometown -, Porto Alegre, and Florianópolis, in different family and friends houses, and 3 or 4 songs where recorded in Dom Rodolfo Studio. A lot of the instruments were borrowed also, as I was always moving at the time – the situation is not that different now actually… It was released 3rd january 2018.”

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released December 4, 2020

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