rADio eNd – Sound Therapy

rADio eNd – Sound Therapy

rADio eNd

“Sound Therapy”

The necrophile hummingbird netlabel and HAMFUGGI Records present Sound Therapy by rADio eNd, an experiment around the musicology concept.

“Healing Music for Normal People”.
Perhaps normal people would not listen it, but if they do it, this surely would have a psychoactive effect to help them to become open minded.
Indeed it seems that is the storytelling of my own mutation.

You may notice that the lyrics are very importants in the other rADio eNd albums. For this one we chose to use mostly the voice without any words.
Because the emotions don’t need words to be express. Further more conceptual in “Introspection Prologue” it is the absence of voice which is meaningful.
Despite this voluntary constraint the last track host a little automatic poem channeled at the end of the process. The whole thing being a kind of sound therapy study.

Album credits : Farabi Toshiyuki Suzuki & Ed End

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One extra track extract of “Electricity” is on Shorty Music “My City” compilation

Here is Introspection poem (notice that the meaning is little bit change in the english translation)

No matter how much I drank from all sources,
I was always thirsty.

Until something breaks.

Until a fissure forms,
that a crack snakes,
let a drop fall,
then another,
that they become a ditch,
then that the stream,
forms a puddle.

Become torrent,
gushing out of me,
then it becomes a lake.

I am sitting in the middle.

And I feel as soon as someone walks on the shore,
and I see the sky reflected there,
and the sky is the reflection of the earth.

And I feel, I sense, I anticipate.
And I feel, I sense, I know.
And I feel, I sense, I keep the track.

J’ai eu beau boire à toutes les sources,
j’avais toujours soif,
jusqu’à ce que quelque chose se brise.

Jusqu’à ce qu’il se forme une fissure,
que serpente une lézarde,
qu’une goutte tombe,
puis une autre,
qu’elles deviennent rigole
puis que le mince filet,
forme une flaque.

Devenues torrent,
jaillissant hors de moi,
qu’elle devienne un lac.

Je suis assis au milieu.

Et je sens dès que que quelqu’un marche sur le rivage,
et je vois le ciel s’y refléter,
et le ciel est le reflet de la terre.

Et je sens, je ressens, je pressens.
Et je sens, je ressens, je pressens.
Et je sens, je ressens, je pressens.

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Last but not least the material of this album was first recorded to create an album of A Symbiotic Experience. So there is also a bonus video with an extra track done by Gabriel Pereira Spurr. The track will be available on Fieldmice recordings ESVB Vol 3

Bonus Video Art clips
Abstract Introspection

The electricity fairy

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