earsheltering celebrates both its 100th release and 16th anniversary in 2020 with a various artists release as a tribute to Elvifrance.
We are also happy to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Elvifrance with this release.
Thanks to all artists & friends who supported this project, especially Alkbazz providing a wonderful artwork within short timelines.
Disc 1 covers the 70’s period of Elvifrance and disc 2 covers both the 80’s & 90’s.
3 video clips by Yoshiwaku Mushotoku, PIRATE Tapes & Larv-R feat. Volante Gonzales are also made available.
Most of the books supporting the artists’ creations are also available here (one zipfile with scans for each disc) on multilanguages as much as possible, thanks to VintageComiX for their huge work to provide all these amazing comics for free.
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