José Gallardo A – Diario de una depresión

José Gallardo A – Diario de una depresión

José Gallardo A

“Diario de una depresión”

Listening to the recent work by José Gallardo is an experience that voids any interruptions and defines its own place.

Everything starts with pulses that resonate at low loudness and frequencies, which peek out from the environment. As time passes, they flatten out until they form a sound background that appears for moments like a figure broken up into accents. Slowly we enter into the trance of a phrase to mutate the idea and the state, all in a slow and fractional way. This step becomes evident when appearing in the center of a new tale.

When sound is clearer and calmerthrough inflections towards distortion, static and noise produced by saturation are integrated as rougher textures that outline part of the limits of each volume.

In “Diario de una depression” (“Diary of a depression”) the musical matter is located between the electric guitar melody and the effects mass, which runs on an independent timeline. These are the two most identifiable layers that structure the total of this work;however, its greatest virtue is not in what is perceived in an apparent way, but in the resonances with which a dialogue is established when listening to it again.

Oscar Santis
(Concón, Chile. Enero / January 2021)

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