Baradit – Monophonic Song

Baradit – Monophonic Song


“Monophonic Song”

“Monophonic Songs”, the new work of Baradit this time is experienced in the world of monophonic synthesis, composed mostly with a Monologue, with which he created rhythmic bases, basses and melodies. In addition, he incorporated the virtual replica of the Solina keyboard bestowed by Arturia to give deep ambiences to his songs, while also adding some sounds from the classic 606, 808 and 909 Roland drums.

It is an album created in the middle of the Pandemic, and Felipe was mainly inspired by events that occurred during this time, such as the social upheaval in Peru, the solar eclipse, the extensive use of streaming and the arrival of vaccines, in addition to the coastal environment of Concón which was a common escape from the pandemic confinement and a clear invitation to incorporate the ambient into the songs. To maintain the analog sonority of the creations, this album was mastered through the tube sound of the Korg Electribe SX.

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