Exode vs Coakira – Defragmentation in Progress


Exode vs Coakira

“Defragmentation in Progress”

The strongest split of Frenchcore mainstay “Exode” and Japanese leading Digital Hardcore master “Coakira”. They tried experimental making sound in this EP.

Track Listing:
01. Exode – Om In The Home
02. Exode – Twist Again
03. Exode – Defragmentation Of The Day
04. Exode – Standardkakophonie
05. Coakira – Hyperacidity
06. Coakira – Okuzachism
07. Coakira – Amazing Amazombie
08. Coakira – Laughin’ Doll

Music by Exode / Coakira
Artwork by Dormicum
Design by Occupied Territories

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