various artists – Poim 1 compilation


various artists

“Poim 1 compilation”

You lose yourself in a cloud of particles the other time.
You dive deeper into the unknown of being.
at night they come and take it with you.
in a way that was unknown to you, and you find yourself
in a state of perfect heat.
The silence that surrounds you.
There is no silence, there is the sound of the
heat under your skin. This is the poim.

1.redundaent – forgotten feelings
2.markus masuhr – trikitak
3.jonsson toll – svenka
4.patch#2 – indistinct
5.elizar brickmann – weather dub
6.substak – dubwize
7.audub – dub7
8.sensitiv – communication has been lost
9.img_02 – strength
10.triames – 43.252986,-2.946267

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