Vault Kid – Where Are The Game Boys? EP

Vault Kid – Where Are The Game Boys? EP

Vault Kid

“Where Are The Game Boys? EP”

Wow! I can’t believe this is finally happening! The day of the EP release is upon us! I have been playing around with combining Game Boy sounds with modern styles of electronic dance music since first discovering the LittleSoundDJ software. Suffice to say I have been wanting to create a release in that combination since forever. Over the last two years I have published most of the songs you can hear on this EP on Soundcloud or Bandcamp compilations, however I was never happy with the production quality. So I added new little elements and reworked and freshly mixed every track on this release. I hope you enjoy listening! ~

Special Thanks:
My girlfriend Lisa, Grizzly Cogs, Max F. (R.I.P.), Tronimal (my mentor), Leo (Brudi), Mom, Dad, Miyu, Maxi K., Klirre, Hardcore Softboy, havocCc, a boy with a ballon, Viktor Kraus, Nada, Shortee, Nils, Niels, Dima Chotin, chiplove, A Bit Of Chiptune, MicroMusicItaly, Chipwrecked, Cheers39, Rocket Beans TV, Johan Kotlinski (LittleSoundDJ), Korg Germany, Ableton, Producer Dojo, Youtube Tutorials and the worldwide chiptune community and everyone who supported me on this lovely journey! <3… more
released August 27, 2020

Cover Art by minamanamu

Tracks 1-5+7 produced by Vault Kid
Track 6 is a remix by Grizzly Cogs
Mixed and Mastered by Vault Kid

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