Markus Masuhr – moons on outer space

Markus Masuhr – moons on outer space
[Pragmat 019]

Markus Masuhr

“moons on outer space”

markus masuhr – moons on outer space

This 12-track album takes you on a journey through space and time where the rules of simplicity are overridden. Hypnotic structures interweave with dystopian sounds and float far beyond deep reality.

The Release is free as always, but you can also pay what you want or get one of the cd`s limited to 10 pieces to support the Label!!!!

1.mars phobos 10:29
2.jupiter valetudo 07:36
3.saturn anthe 07:35
4.uranus prospero 08:40
5.neptun neso 06:55
6.pluto charon 07:29
7.haumea namaka 09:33
8.makemake s/2015 09:52
9.eris dysnomia 09:14
10.cubewano 08:15
11.moonlet 09:09
12.moonlet (variante II) 12:56

released May 7, 2021
pragmat 019
all tracks by Markus Masuhr

Mastering by Torsten Solberg @ TriForm Studio Leipzig

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