Jorge Cabieses-Valdes – Poemas de Porcelana

Jorge Cabieses-Valdes – Poemas de Porcelana

Jorge Cabieses-Valdes

“Poemas de Porcelana”

“Poemas de Porcelana” (“Porcelain Poems”) is the title of the album that brings together a selection of two performances realized within the context of the exhibition “De las Prácticas Cotidianas de Oposición” (“From Daily Practices of Opposition”) by Jorge Cabieses-Valdés in the D21 Art Projects (2020). In an individual exhibition the artist presented the works “Porcelanatron IV & V”, musical instruments constructed from pieces of glazed stoneware ceramics. Inspired by the acoustic potential that every piece of ceramic possesses, the instruments emit a sharp and crystalline sound that comes from the hollowness and hardness of their ceramic material.

For “Porcelanatron IV & V” the artist’s work is based on 14 vases from the Lota Ceramic Factory belonging to the Pedro Montes collection, typical of the domestic and ornamental environment. The ceramic pieces made by the artist try to imitate the appearance of these vases, failing irretrievably and presenting themselves in total deformation, thus forcing their rigid surfaces to vibrate and sing grotesquely.

This is not the first time that the artist has worked with the traditional ceramics of Lota. In 2018 he manipulated figures belonging to the collection of the Museum of Decorative Arts (Orfeón, Lota) where each figure had a large-scale acoustic replica that emulated the sound percussed on the figures.

The album features the participation of the musician and producer Marcelo Peña Cortés aka MIOPEC (Tobías Alcayota, MKRNI), who plays viola and synthesizer arrangements and is also in charge of mixing and mastering the album.

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