Lluvia Acida – Archipiélago Coloane

Lluvia Acida – Archipiélago Coloane

Lluvia Acida

“Archipiélago Coloane”

“I conceive this album as a ship that crosses the frigid southern waters, with the millennial icebergs and its waves always ready to embody the spirit of the storm, that old sword of the ocean that also inhabits us. In this way, the sounds of this work have been impregnated with the stories of Francisco Coloane, an exceptional writer who managed to embody the most genuine character of the territory.

The most maritime of our writers, a dreamer of new territories and the captain of ships that plunge into the sea of memory. Accessing his literature means entering fully into the greatness of the cetacean, in the human dimension of man taming the catastrophic nature of the elements. On this terrain, Lluvia Ácida has been incorporating into its tireless artistic work the sounds of the territory, the propellers spinning in the rough Antarctic seas, the passing of the wind carrying dreams until they crash into the eternity proposed to us by the Southern Cross with its secret but luminous figure.

This album complements readings, opens wrinkles in the understanding of a work, merges with the salt of our icy seas, reconstructs the writer’s journeys.

Music that runs along the cliffs in the manner of a sentry.

Sudden melodies similar to marine ballads of old ports of reverie.

One after another, the themes and melodies interpret the dynamic universe of this tall, bearded man, who summoned with his voice and writing the infinite solitude of the pampas and the lonely halo of the ships whipped by the gale in search of a lighthouse that orients them.

Lluvia Ácida has eloquently captured the ‘Coloanean’ narrative breath and vision, from the width of the Strait of Magellan, it is a shipwrecked bottle that floats between the sound waves, translating that energetic, crackling and revealing prose, capable of realizing a geography where man is embedded in the southern landscape to contemplate the sacred cathedral of the shipwreck.”

Oscar Barrientos Bradasic
Escritor / Writer
(Punta Arenas, Magallanes, Chile. Octubre / October 2019)

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