Coagulant – Selenological Guise

Coagulant – Selenological Guise
[ACP 1324]


“Selenological Guise”

Recorded, developed and performed by Coagulant
at PSSR std, north London between July and December 2020

Visual concept, artwork & design by Allen K. Trimble at Spectral/23
All sounds sourced from microphones, sonic soundscapes, cut-up and

Coagulant is a conceptual sound art project devised by Fkdrone in 1998, and led by Fabio A. Kubic, It is connected in many areas related to sound experimentation. Its process in the development of electronic manipulation, through microphones, cut-up, environmental soundscape, audio-feedback editing, musique concrète and the structuring of oblique frequencies, rests on hypnotic drones.

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