An octopus in the bathtub – Lucky 13


An octopus in the bathtub

“Lucky 13”

an octopus in the bathtub is the solo project of Ricardo Ramos (member of Dirty Coltrane / The Dirty Coal Train, Tiger Picnic, Puny, Cloudland, and much more…).

After the debut in 2000 with volumes 1 and 2 of 4 track demos where the first improvisations were compiled he released multiple EPs and Albums inside the spectrum of experimental improvised music, noise and contemporary composition.

“Lucky 13” compiles 3 tracks starting with the title track: 13 minutes of double guitar and drums with interpolated tribal rhythms and dissonant chords. The 2nd track “fisga” has a bass drum pattern leading the way while a bowed inverted guitar creates ambients that are punctuated with short drones. The last composition “dead punks” has a trumpet and ambiental guitar singing 2 different songs over a hyper-reverbed percussion.

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