released October 22, 2021


Produced by JPEGMAFIA
Mastered by JPEGMAFIA

NEMO contains additional production from BUZZY LEE
THOT’s PRAYER contains an interpolation of “HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME” by BRITNEY SPEARS

Ive been making music since i was 12 years old. but ive been in the music industry for about 4 years now and almost the entire time I’ve been surrounded by people who never had my best interest at heart. I live and die by the quality of my work, not the hype. And the minute anyone does anything to impede on that. You are dead to me. and that’s how it will stay. I had a contract to fulfill and I used a lot of things I was gonna save for the album just to be out of this shit. but it’s over now. this is my last release under a label. From this day on Im free as hell, more free than i already was something I haven’t felt in a long time. I don’t make music for dickriders, I don’t make music for casuals, theres plenty of wanna be ass niggas to fill that void for u, if u just need some bullshit to put on in the background, while u do dishes or whatever. but I’m just not here for that. me and my fans, we like detail. so if your not actually good at what u do. we don’t care. i understand that in this day and age a black man being great at what he does consistently is just not enough for some.

My goals are different my body is different my mind is different, where I came from is different. We’re not aiming at the same thing. I am a true outcast and that’s who I want to draw in. if u feel out of place, in every place. Im here for u. because that exactly how i have always felt. i’m just happy i have people to feel that with now.

my time in the music industry is over because I refuse to be disrespected by people who aren’t respectably in the first place. the only ones I care about now and forever are you my fans, I love u. and for u will always be here. This is the true LP! & i hope u all enjoy

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