Pete Cogle’s Podcast Factory – PCP#717… Mutations Festival 2021 (Part 1)…..


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“PCP#717… Mutations Festival 2021 (Part 1)…..”

Mutations Festival 2021 (Part 1)…with tracks by…White Flowers, AK Patterson, Holiday Ghosts, Bill Ryder-Jones, This Is The Kit, Margot, Low Hummer, Venus Grrrls, Peeping Drexels, Memes, Genn, Feet, Hotel Lux, Billy Nomates, Baxter Dury

White Flowers – Night Drive [Bandcamp]
AK Patterson – My Body is a Spacesuit [Bandcamp]
Holiday Ghosts – Off Grid [Bandcamp]
Bill Ryder-Jones – Seabirds
This Is The Kit – This Is What You Did [Bandcamp]
Margot – Man Love [Bandcamp]
Low Hummer – Sometimes I Wish (I Was A Different Person)
Venus Grrrls – Hate Me [Bandcamp]
Peeping Drexels – Bloody Gums [Bandcamp]
Memes – Blah Blah Blah [Bandcamp]
Genn – 23rd March [Bandcamp]
Feet – Busy Waiting
Hotel Lux – Tabloid Newspaper [Bandcamp]
Billy Nomates – No [Bandcamp]
Baxter Dury – ‘D.O.A’

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