Pete Cogle’s Podcast Factory – PCP#719… Black Friday….

Pete Cogle's Podcast Factory – PCP#719… Black Friday….

Pete Cogle’s Podcast Factory

“PCP#719… Black Friday….”

PCP#719… Black Friday…..with tracks …

All My Friends Hate Me – Not In This Economy [Jamendo]
Alifchief – Neraka [RDX Promo]
Luna The Cat – Adrian Pricope feat. Vasile Rus – Doina Aradeana (Original Mix) [Bandcamp]
The D3VI7 – Dragon Lady [Dancefloor Socialism]
Sink Ya Teeth – Sweetness 120
Bob Vylan – CGSB [Bandcamp]
Chapadla (Tentacles) – Moje mílé žlté vlasy (My Sweet Yellow Hair) [Poli5]
So Long Space Girl – Slow Down There, Cowgirl [Bandcamp]
The So Called Others – Shake the Devils Hand [STFU Records]
Opus Kink – Icarus! [Bandcamp]
Tlackdub – Cosmic [Green Beats]
Radar & Satellite – It Ain’t Easy, But It’ll Be Alright [Bandcamp]
Rifhes – Elektrocardiogram [Techkilla]

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