Ruoho Ruotsi – chalak’At’sit

Ruoho Ruotsi – chalak’At’sit

Ruoho Ruotsi


Surrounded by and giving life to one of the northern-most, temperate rainforests in the world, the Pacific Northwest’s chalak’At’sit (Hoh River) carves its way from the glaciers of Mount Olympus towards the Pacific Coast.

Close your eyes and let the soundscape of chalak’At’sit envelope you in her emerald, verdant embrace. Layered embers of ethereal tones flicker, then quickly disappear across undulating waves of pirouetting idiphonic vibrations. Thus begins a psychedelic trip through exothermic rainforest-scapes and climaxes nestled in lush, majestic reverie.

Headphone listening recommended, for the sonic details.
The immersive audio-visual trip is best viewed in HD on Youtube:

Read more about the Hoh people, their land and the inspiration for this work:
released December 25, 2021

Recording, production & mixing by Ruoho Ruotsi
Mastered by Cem Oral @ Jammin Masters | Berlin

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