nonkel waldek – wenteltrap

nonkel waldek – wenteltrap

nonkel waldek


Way back when nonkel waldek wasn’t an uncle, back when phones where dumber but people on time, this tape was made to roam the fields around Brussels with a boombox from Spullenhulp and a re-up from Terneuzen. Wandering through the worry free afternoons of the early two thousands double 00’s meant nothing but a couple of D’s would get you a long way. They packed enough juice to keep the freestyle session going for hours, which could feel like a split second, riding the tip of a high wave, destination eternity, or at least for as long as you wouldn’t choke.

Lost through the moves of time this tape was found in a drawer at the his mum’s house while manically searching for pin codes to his online banking under the pressure of a tax deadline. We have indeed come a long way. But some things don’t change, like a steady boom bap from an MPC2000XL bounced to a cassette, because they are timeless in their own right.

These beats where made for rapping and by God they where rapped too! For the time being that proof remains in the pudding of the uncle’s mind. Or maybe until an other tax deadline rocks around.

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