Sypha Nadon – Lovecraft

Sypha Nadon – Lovecraft

Sypha Nadon


Mauve Zone Recordings is pleased to announce the Sypha Nadon LP LOVECRAFT. Unlike the conventional pop stylings of 2018’s PLEASANT SONGS or the classy compositions of 2019’s HIRAETH, this marks a return to the band’s more experimental era, which is another way of saying lots of repetitious loops, pretentious song titles, unlistenable noise, and much pointless, meandering noodling. Disclaimer: aside from the album title and song names, this album actually has very little to do with Lovecraft.


1. From Beyond (5:02)
2. A Mountain Walked (5:55)
3. The Sad Shoggoth (5:08)
4. “Yes, My Dead Courtesan, I Remember the Red Hook Orgies” (5:36)
5. An Adequately Excellent Lover (3:21)
6. The Zann Variations (4:43)
7. Ambient Loop Parts 1 & 2 (6:35)
8. Owl With A Thousand Eyes (2:55)
9. Not Theirs the Cypress-Arch (5:09)
10. 9876√th Pulse-Beat of the Cosmic Fungus enveloping Yaddith (7:43)
11. Xibalba Chant (6:39)
12. Arkham House (2:54)
13. Destroy Creation (4:48)

Running Time: 66:30

All songs written, arranged, programmed and performed by Sypha Nadon
Produced, engineered and mixed by Sypha Nadon
Recorded at MZR Studios in 2017-2022
Art Design + Design by James Champagne
Background Cover Art by H.P. Lovecraft
Sample on “Xibalba Chant” from MELANCHOLIA
The voice on track 9 is reciting a Clark Ashton Smith poem (of the same name)
Caution: not for use with mono devices

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