Cheap Polaroid – No More Love

Cheap Polaroid – No More Love

Cheap Polaroid

“No More Love”

Returning this time with a world of heartbroken songs chopped and screwed to warp reality, is No More Love. Descriptions of songs below:

“Breaks My Heart”
Breaks My Heart, was just me screwing around in Ableton Live and taking one of my favorite songs of right now, I really love the intro part with the strings, I knew this was gonna be the intro because I wanted the listener to be in this mood of desire and heartbreak.

“Nowhere To Run”
So I had this Dua Lipa instrumental that I had never used for anything so I decided why not, I used a couple instruments to just layer and add this sort of weird clashing moody ambience that really just gave this sense of catchiness but also uneasiness.

“In The Darker of Your Mind”
So this track is one of the more simpler ones, but I liked messing around with it and just kinda listening to this screwy rhythm and the song just has the melancholy dance vibe to it that always felt like saying the phrase “It’s tough but we’ll get through it.”

“Just To Love You”
Just To Love You, is also simple but I wanted people to really focus in on the lyrics because you have this person singing about wanting to love someone, just until they love themselves, and I think that’s a pretty strong feeling.

“World of Heartbreak”
So I took this CONSUMER PRODUCT song that I really liked called Wireless and just slowed the hell out of the first minute with the vocal chant and the chiptune beat which is my favorite part and then I slowly layered on these instruments to give this really ambient, reflective moody track.

“Sepia Tint”
This was a scrapped intro track for another project I was doing, and I just took these orchestra loops and chopped up some Lana vocals and pitched them weirdly and I loved it. But it acts in this album, as a interlude and intro to the next track.

“Summertime, My Time”
I love Summertime Sadness, everytime I listen to it and Born to Die, suddenly I’m not Collin Reyes but I’m this epic persona, this majestic movie character, I’m the one at the credits scene standing over the lifeless body of a fallen hero, I’m free and so I took that song and I wanted to just chop it up in such a way that I loved it. I used the remix to fit the dance vibe and because I think the remix just adds this understated intensity.

“Like a Diamond”
Cola is such a weird song because it’s so, like America-core but it feels like a parody and a mockery of patriotism and modern day sexiness in America and to me, it’s this trash magic display of the higher class and the affluent but ultimately the hugest ego in the world. Like lying to yourself to be alright.

“This Dream of Mine”
This was a scrapped Pt, II. to a song of mine from 2020 called Aura but I never released it but it was so majestic and so peaceful so I put it as an ending track to be like, I just wanna live in this dream of mine, forever.

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