Hypnos – Vindictiveness

Hypnos – Vindictiveness



With his third album Hypnos drives us on a journey of sonic invasion, a journey into the personal ways of the artist in dealing with narcissistic and vindictive behavior in our society, where we are constantly exaggerating our life stories and achievements in an aura of overinflated importance, to the point that we become defensive when questioned or when someone challenges our conscious or subconscious idea of superiority.

“Vindictiveness” is Hypnos’ most structured, most complex release to date, revealing yet another side of the project, inspired by club techno aesthetics, with constructions derived from and building on early rave music rhythms and sequences and everything merged into swathes of ambient fields of long, calm and heavy drones.

released February 13, 2022

Thanks to:
– Ivo Petrov (for the trust, support and help releasing the album)
– Ivelin Iliev (for his fantastic work on the video promos)
– Kliment Dichev (for helping with the final polishing of the sound in his amazing studio)
– Martin Dimchev (for giving so many priceless tips on mixing and editing most of the tracks)
– Angel Draganov (for his talent and artwork)

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