jjsauma – The Comfort of the Darkness LP

jjsauma – The Comfort of the Darkness LP


“The Comfort of the Darkness LP”

This album is Inspired by the Nooscope Manifest by Pasquinelli and Joler, and its view of AI as an instrument of knowledge extractivism while using an analogy with optical media. In Comfort of the Darkness, jjsauma presents a collection of tracks where he lets AI create its own interpretation of music by building dub versions of the tracks created for this project. In this case, a test of the Nooscope Manifest was applied as a filter for a multitrack recording. These tracks were conceived as glitch/techno/ambient and were given a dub treatment by an amorphous entity with human-like characteristics programmed by jjsauma using Max/MSP. Human behaviour, bias, inconsistency and failure are part of the new aesthetic created by using AI in arts and industry, showcasing uncertainty as a precondition of dialectics, as opposed to the certitude of traditional computational processes.

While AI raises a lot of questions, it produces its own vision of the world, and this album is a representation of AI’s… more
released February 28, 2022

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