Epifonias – Mensajes de Voz

Epifonias – Mensajes de Voz


“Mensajes de Voz”

“Mensajes de Voz” (Voice messages) is Epifonías’ first album and it is an experimental proposal that focuses its search on the construction of a sound narrative that explores the joints in the affective relationship between two individuals crossed by listening, visuality and queerness, and additionally it is a blow of intimacy in thereceiver’s listening.

From an exploration that integrates sounds from various sources such as soundscape, synthesizers, digital samples…and properly voice messages from personal files, the duet formed by Arsan and Sisiphonus creates a sound space that fluctuates between vocal dismantlings that opt for the expression of babbling, going through clear dialogues in which the intimacy of these two voices are unfolding, twisting or mutating as the album progresses.

The multiplicity of resources that Epifonías uses to create its tracks makes this album a sort of journey through human relationships, permeated by the inherent veil of digitality and sound experimentation.

“Mensajes de Voz” presents a disjointed version of discursive variants around the construction of a shared intimacy, creating extreme atmospheres that transit from one track to another: moments of dense and dark resonance that can recreate from a night walk through a solitary park to tracks composed with subtle, low sounds that create more luminous vibrant landscapes.

We are facing a sound journey through the rooms of intimacy in which relationships, affections, circumstances, suspicions, curiosities, are built, a journey which questions and reflects on the ways in which a sound can be perceived from two entities that share something more than the fleeting nature of enjoyment.

This is a sound story of affections.

Nancy García Gallegos
Poeta / Poet
(Aguascalientes, México. Enero / January, 2022)

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