Various Artists – one hundred thirty "episode1"

Various Artists – one hundred thirty "episode1"

Various Artists

“one hundred thirty “episode1″”

Various Artists – one hundred thirty „episode 1“ (Insectorama130)

The 130 release on insectorama. We’re celebrating this with a large dubtechno Compilation. This is episode 1 of 3 with the first 19 tracks by dubtechno artists from all over the world. Thank you very much to all the artists who make this compilation something very special with their track. 2,5 hours full of echoes and delays that will take you on a journey into the deepest dub valleys. Relax and enjoy these timeless tracks suitable for the cold season.

01.Alexander Bogdanov – Mind Detox – Crato
03.echOnOmic – Catatonic
04.Francisco Aguado – Smooth Dub
05.Markus Masuhr – The Light of the Night
06.Ian Oskadev – Equinox
07.Adam Carling and Nick De Voost – Dub Elixir
08.Faestos – There Is Absolutely Nothing To Worry About
09.INTRIP – Zorgons
10.Subliminal – Forbidden Teachings
11.Frank Hellmond – Northern Lights
12.Schulz Audio – Volatile
13.Matt Schulz – Wake Up
14.Mime – Old Dub Tape
15.Roman Ridder – Spacetrain
16.The Venusian – Gray Dimension
17.上-JYOUGE-下 – Winter Blue
18.Kettenreaktion – Placide
19.Pyrmont – Pinaceae

Mastering and Artwork by Markus Masuhr
insectorama 130 *episode 1

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