Pete Cogle’s Podcast Factory – PCP#744… Cheese & Cake!…

Pete Cogle's Podcast Factory – PCP#744… Cheese & Cake!…

Pete Cogle’s Podcast Factory

“PCP#744… Cheese & Cake!…”

Cheese & Cake!… with tracks by…Interno 8, Serial Port, Dubioza Kolektiv, Akusmatic, OneShot, Life Form, B34C, Renards de Renom, Spiedkiks, Tenor Triage, Rorschack, Jembaa Groove, Less Air

Interno 8 – FaseDue [Strato Dischi]
Serial Port – Chemical [Bandcamp]
Dubioza Kolektiv – Traktorska []
Akusmatic – Emergence of the Fungus [Bandcamp]
OneShot – Bad Compass [Digital Diamonds]
Life Form – Gentle Persuasion [Bandcamp]
B34C – Highway [Bandcamp]
Renards de Renom – Famille sauvage [La Souterraine]
Spiedkiks – Cheese & Cake [Blocsonic]
Tenor Triage – The Beat Down [Bandcamp]
Rorschack – Ars-Tafari (feat. Amir Bar David) [Jumpsuit Records]
Jembaa Groove – Amale [Agogo Records]
Less Air – Abyss (in C) [Bandcamp]

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