Markus Masuhr – The Dub Theory "Chapter Six"

Markus Masuhr – The Dub Theory "Chapter Six"

Markus Masuhr

“The Dub Theory “Chapter Six””

It’s time for the next part of my Dub Theory Series. The Dub Theory Chapter Six brings 9 new purely functional loop-based dubtechno tracks designed to take you on a journey through forests and mountains to the sea. Slow down your life and go in search of rest and relaxation into the depths of echoes and chords, surrounded by wobbling basses and constructs of danceability.

1.Sight Of The Light
2.Rivers Of Wind
3.Hillsides Of Mountains
4.Nocturnal Exploration
5.Walk In To The Valley
6.So Close To Tomorrow
7.In The Middle Of Nowhere
8.With Thoughts Elsewhere
9.Came From Far Away

Insectorama 134
all tracks by Markus Masuhr
Mastering and Artwork by Markus Masuhr

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