Various Artist – Vulpiano Records Sampler EP: Vol. 16

Various Artist – Vulpiano Records Sampler EP: Vol. 16

Various Artist

“Vulpiano Records Sampler EP: Vol. 16”

With this sampler, we present artists who have made Vulpiano across the span of 2021 and into early 2022. We find both continuity and renewal of the recurring themes solidified at our core over 12 years.

There are long-time pillars of the label: Richey Hackett’s tremendous growth branching into emotionally vital electronic compositions; the ever-versatile, 90s alternative-saturated introspections of King Elizabeth (furiously prolific since 2020 after a long absence since the early years of Vulpiano); the lush and transcendent playfulness of Brevyn’s synth work, with influences that distill how online music defies generational stereotyping.

And as ever newer artists arrived, like tributaries at the conflux of a river: a celestially noisy instrumental from Torre di Fine abstracts from the vast post-rock sound of his first Vulpiano release; immortal ebt returns triumphant with a new, crushingly hypnagogic sound after an 8-year absence; Lhas Fawn stirs a psychedelic whirlpool of aleatory ritual; Fabio Keiner’s meditative, microtonal opus adds to Vulpiano’s canon of masterful drone records; and Wood Ship’s subtly dissonant gaze at a winter horizon soothes, but begs contemplation.

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