Various Artists – Meet Me at Kuiper’s

Various Artists – Meet Me at Kuiper's

Various Artists

“Meet Me at Kuiper’s”

Explore this 3 part Synthwave / Darkwave compilation as soundtrack to the different sections of a retro futuristic disco bar of the 80s. Pluto that stopped being a planet and became part of the Kuiper Belt, with more pure synthwave. Charon, the moon of Pluto, darker side of synthwave with some darksynth and darkwave. Albion, the third Kuiper Belt object discovered, already in early 90s, has a more avant-garde electronic collection of tracks that still retain a lot of synthwave influences. Tracks by Stereophoney, The Abdukted, The OutSider 87s, Ankh Wave, Starlight Boy, Magnetic Tapes, HoTWire, Goudzoeker, Com Gen / Sci Fi Industries, Winged Sun Disc, Ricosyx, M-PeX, Channel Dark, Nunch Pazis!, Project Silence, Effizienz, Zurich Dada, Android:Apocalypse, Nuno Zimas, Tony Diana, Ezylohm_tek, 4T Thieves, Humm Bugg, Hadokowa, Niteffect, Iliaque and Joust7800. Concept, organization, additional mixing and mastering by ps. Artwork by
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