organon contemporaneous & Lärmschutz – QETESH

organon contemporaneous & Lärmschutz – QETESH
[ACP 1353]

organon contemporaneous & Lärmschutz


In a multidimensional way through sound search and deepening of temporal and atonal of different sounds reproduced acoustically and electro-acoustically. The temporal relations come from different forms of sound treatment, from the outset. During the process have used distended techniques, growth and development of solo processes and group music having as premise the articulation between different sounds being them of that provenance.
temporal level that intercedes on the micro-,and macro-scale levels of the consubstantiation of sounds in their morphological dimension. being its atonal profusions resulting from the addition of timbric layers that, in their relationship arising from a psycho-semantic relationship held by different instrumentalists, covers the scope through which different instrumentalists make music, the search for exploring the limits of exploration of their own instruments.
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