Codes&Notes – Rebound

Codes&Notes – Rebound


“Rebound [Mix]”

Progressive house/trance/techno is on the playlist, mixed live on my MX-8000 for everyone’s listening pleasure. We start with “Yesterday’s Hopeful”, a dance-y house track from my EP “Yesterdayland”, followed by the happy and beautiful “A3”, before moving slightly into trance territory with a favorite of mine: the gorgeous “Plazma Kluster” by Tanto. We continue alternating between beautifule, emotive tunes and darker tracks (the “rebounds”). All tracks I love and play quite often: Sasha Muller’s “The Book Writer”, Roger M’s “Photon”, Micronoise Paranoic Sound’s incredible “Feromono”, Max Cavalerra’s amazing tracks and remixes… Until we get to Manu Bermejo’s exceptional “Monsieur”. Things get serious from there, as we enter the more techno-oriented part of the mix (expection made of Indi-K’s “d’Aubergine” maybe, which tends to the tech-house imho).
Play it loud, play it everywhere, and most importantly enjoy it as much as you like!

Mixed live on my Denon MX8000. No edits, just some mastering on the final result.

Most of these tracks (if not all) are available on the Internet Archive (wink wink), and a couple are from the wonderful Broque label ( – major respect, dudes!)


01. Codes&Notes – Yesterday’s Hopeful [codesinnotes005]
02. ZhangJW – A3_(RuiD france remix) [BP032]
03. Tanto – Plazma Kluster [deepx336]
04. Sascha_Muller – The Book Writer [Antiritmo002]
05. Roger_M – Photon [Antiritmo023]
06. pedro_aguiar – you_should have known (max cavalerra remix) [brq84]
07. Micronoise Paranoic Sound – Feromono [deepx330]
08. max_cavalerra – lazer [brq120]
09. marie_w_anders – escape of bedtime (max cavalerra rmx) [brq133]
10. Manu Bermejo – monsieur [nu09]
11. Jose Castillero – Automatiko [nu09]
12. Indi-K – D’Aubergine (Plank’s Who Do the Voodoo You Do Mix) [DR013]
13. The Artful – Razorburn [deepx300]
14. Vadim Kotinskiy – Lunar Girl [deepx323]

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