Palancar – Music For Stargazing Volume One

Palancar – Music For Stargazing Volume One


“Music For Stargazing Volume One”

One of my biggest concerns about the modern world is the growing scarcity of dark skies available to humanity. So many kids grow up without ever once seeing the Milky Way or appreciating first hand the scale of the cosmos spread out across the sky above. Everything is hidden behind a haze of orange light pollution that blankets our urban skies from every direction. How can we as a species understand our place in the great scheme of things if we never even look up? How can we maintain a sense of perspective and humility?

To help promote stargazing as a fundamental human activity, I have begun a series of albums to hopefully serve as a sound track for stargazing, the kind of music one might listen to while leaning back under an inky sky and taking in the vast expanse of the great sky river. I call this series “Music For Stargazing” and this is my first volume in this collection.

Mostly beatless and largely percussion-free, this music seeks to evoke the majesty and mystery of our cosmos and to facilitate pure enjoyment of our beautiful universe and our place in it. I hope you find it as useful and inspiring in your stargazing activities as I do.

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