“- TION”

The new album entitled -TION was originally just based on making a few tracks with titles ending in tion, but soon became something different. It was made initially utilizing drummachines and keyboards edited in softwate for a few tracks, but then turning to simple laptop webcam mic recordings of television, videogames and movies aswell. Even unreleased music from the past gathered from LjdB’s oldest still-working laptop. Tracks was sequenced to tell a story that makes sense to LjdB, even if it might make no sense to the casual listener. Echoing the collaboration betweem CRGIII and Ljdb (Mucilage,wich can be heard here : archive.org/details/Mucilage ),the editing and manipulation of sound played a big role in the creation of -TION, so the very same newsclippings used for the collage cover of Mucilage was reasembled to make the cover of this album. (Thank you CrgIII for sending those across the pond)
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