Yoshiwaku – Flashback

Yoshiwaku – Flashback



The Necrophile Hummingbird netlabel presents Flashback by Yoshiwaku.

“Unexpected Music for wannabe livings”

About the surface of this album :

Another album was planned to begin the year, as a kind of wish, more focus on the way that to live for the living, to be aware in each choice of every form of life, and use this to drive toward blooming life,
seems a good solution to avoid the worst future become reality.
If it’s unclear, that means amongst other things breaking down competition, to avoid exclusion, exploitation, as well as spoliation, accumulation… Build up our own time and ethic through empathy.
This is mostly an idea to stop feed the power of the capitalism disease masters. It’s already what many friends do since a while, but often people ask : what can we do to stop the disaster ?

It seems too easy to say to stop to be yourself a disaster, rejoice inside and joy will flow outside, all this kind of new age stuff, but it’s obviously a more relevant way to change the situation than to face using the same tools and becoming another power instead to destroy the power at its roots.

So what make the difference is to reach really who you are first,
before to be able to improve your connection to the living.
That’s building a world made of alternatives instead of an uniformized world.
That’s why you can listen first this album, a kind of flashback to my inner being.

Dedicated to all the living beings from nature network, mothership earth.

Special thanks to Kinji Imanishi for being an early spring of these ideas.

Video Art Clip here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjVNVu7BtNA

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