Takahiro Mukai – Vigilance

Takahiro Mukai – Vigilance

Takahiro Mukai


Vigilance” is the second album on Mahorka of the prolific Japanese electronic music composer Takahiro Mukai, known for his unique DIY and circuit-bent machines sound-sculpturing approaches and quite active involvement in the resurgence of cassette culture and physical format.

Comes out as free (cc) digital download and, of course, a beautiful limited edition cassette, again complemented by amazing artwork courtesy of Angel Draganov and Ivan Ivanov, just as with his debut on Mahorka “Gently close the mouth” from 2019.

Released March 11, 2023

Instrumentation, Production & Recording: Takahiro Mukai

Artwork photos: Ivan Ivanov (posledenzalez)

Artwork design: Angel Draganov

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