Antonio Isaac Gomez – Libre Albedrio

Antonio Isaac Gomez – Libre Albedrio

Antonio Isaac Gomez

“Libre Albedrio”

Libre Albedrío / Free Will is the first installment of a series that the artist has conceived from the resistance to the algorithm of the system and programmed obsolescence, in a hyperconnected world surrounded by noise and saturated with options in a rarefied highly complex environment, this album proposes that the ability to decision continues to be a ray of light, both personal and collective, where we are effectively able to continue choosing what to listen to and when to do it. Highly emotional and contemplative, Libre Albedrío / Free Will is a journey through the hive mind where all of us are connected, taking us from the cyberpunk sky of “Balloons Flying in White Noise” to imaginary landscapes fueled by science on our own planet. As part of the author’s creative axis, this album continues to tell us about the relationship between human beings and the important balance that must be restored with their environment, in this path “Forest of Souls” is based on the swarm behavior observed in the visit of the Monarch Butterfly in Mexico during its great migration. In contrast, “Stochastic Horizon” presents us with the manifestation of the complexity reached by the economic relations of current, highly technified and globalized markets, which, despite being artificial, are extraordinarily similar to the behavior of those swarms of insects. Libre Albedrío / Free Will is also a continuous sonification a work in process, it take us to celebrate life but also to commemorate death, “Little seed star” is the final piece of the album but the beginning of a new stage that for the author represents resurgence and rebirth, not only of the beautiful mountain flower on which it is based (Eryngium proteiflorum, documentary film on whose soundtrack this composition is found) but the possibility of deeply assimilating a cyber spatial form in which he is immersed for the permanent dialogue that he maintains with his audience. Libre Albedrío / Free Will integrates 1Z4K, a cyborg with the same name as its creator who, through the use of artificial intelligence systems and the appropriation of the biosensors of the human that compliments him, generates his own aesthetic experience, the first in a cyborg entity, and who as a result sings for all of us throughout the album in a mysterious way and totally integrated into the total soundscape of the complete work, quite a feat to discover each cyborg chant.

Technically speaking, Libre Albedrío / Free Will is an album composed through modular analog synthesis, avoiding the intervention of notes as a human-machine interface and working much more on the concept of frequencies, a foundation that the author takes to its limit by using sub frequencies, binaural sound, ambisonics and ultrasound for the generation of induced states of consciousness referring to the expressive forms of the complete work additionally enriched with visual artwork and immersive installation available in virtual reality. He uses a lot of analog elements with just a few digital nuances for advanced synthesis techniques like granular and impulse convolution processing.

The album has been recorded completely live and there is an available version in multichannel virtual reality that the author occasionally presents as part of his live sound interventions.

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