Lately Kind of Yeah – Uncurse [2023]

Lately Kind of Yeah – Uncurse [2023]

Lately Kind of Yeah

“Uncurse [2023]”

Part of the Lately Kind of Yeah archive series.

The LKOY archive series returns on Vulpiano Records for the first time since 2019 with ‘Uncurse,’ an album of acoustic tracks. Lo-fi production and sparse instrumentation set the stage for an enveloping, warm coziness replete with psychedelic washes of soft noise. The pretty vocals, sometimes layered and chanting as in the casting of a spell — or the undoing of one — weave with grace and vulnerability through these gauzy landscapes.

Words from the artist:

“Uncurse is an acoustic song collection, recorded between 2011–2017 in Illinois, Kentucky, and Wyoming. For an empty room, the addicted, and hollowed wood.”

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