Superfreak – Explain to me your meme

Superfreak – Explain to me your meme


“Explain to me your meme”

It had been a while since Superfreak had started pretending to understand what everyone was talking about. He looked at the memes and smiled just for fear of being left out. At that point he decided to update himself by opening the semiotics manuals.
This album is on his journey between the generation of meaning and the memetic irony. A failed journey translated in music in a cheerful but melancholic Casio tone-saxophone-drums weird pop.

Superfreak quote: “Special Thanks to Lexia. Rivista di Semiotica Viralità. A book that turned me on Memes, semiotics and all that boring stuff that I put in the lyrics. Music, English, Theories in this album are wrong or imperfect, as imperfect is my life”.
released December 4, 2020

Jacopo Fiore: drums
Andy Cap: sucks, clarinet
Headless girl: vocals
Random guys on Youtube: Horns & Synth
Roberto Stomeo: Drums recording
James Plotkin: Mastering
Rella: Musical consultancy
Lorenzo Incardona: Semiotic and moral consultancy
Superfreak: other

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